A downloadable game for Windows

Hexplosive V2 is a small project/game made for GDKO round 2.



  • Moving with A and D and jumping with W
  • Explode your head with E
  • When near the rc car press Q to drive it


  • Moving with A and D
  • Explode the head with E


  • Click the speaker icon to mute or turn on the music
  • Click the crappy Discord logo to get an invite link to our Discord server
  • Click the YouTube logo to see my YouTube channel
  • Click Play to play the game
  • Press ESC to get back to the main menu
  • Click Instructions to see the controls (to get back to the main menu click Back)
  • Press R to reload the game

Idea of the game:

You can kill enemies by exploding your head near them. There is one rc car where you can place your head on top of and drive with the car around the map. You can still explode enemies by exploding your head while driving by getting near the enemy. The enemy has cool sunglasses and he's behind an obstacle where you need the rc car to get under of it.

The game is not finished because it's made for GDKO.

Release date Jan 30, 2022
AuthorHelper Duck
Made withpygame
Tags2D, enemy, Explosions, game, Music, offline, Pixel Art, player, Prototype, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksYouTube, Discord, Homepage, Blog


Hexplosive.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file. (Your antivirus might detect it as a harmful file but it isn't. It's just converted with pyinstaller what results that problem)

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